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Cindaim Magnetic Whiteboard Markers including Eraser (8Pack)

Cindaim Magnetic Whiteboard Markers including Eraser (8Pack)

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✔️Ultra-fine tip dry markers!

✔️8 Beautiful Colors, Each color has its own Eraser!

✔️Remarkable thin round tips of only 1mm thickness!

✔️Perfect addition to any whiteboard/organizer

✔️These also work with any other product within the Cindaim Desktop Glass Whiteboard/Organizer.

Make better use of your Whiteboard/Organizer with this 8-pack of ultra-fine tip dry erase markers. These dry erase markers have remarkably thin round nibs, with a thickness of only 1 mm. This allows you to place even more notes and reminders on your Whiteboard/Organizer. Moreover, they are available in 8 beautiful colors, so you can color your to-do list completely. Not only that, each marker comes with a dry-erase eraser built into the top cap, so you can quickly erase notes without dropping your marker. These markers really are the perfect addition to any Whiteboard/Organizer.

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